Year Particulars
2013 Participated as a session discussant at 8th World Chambers Congress workshop session “Chambers online”, organized by ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF).
2004 ITC/ONCTAD/WTO appointed as their national representative of EMDS/ITC/UNCTAD through ECI in May 2004.
2002 Met with The President of Bangladesh as a Team Leader of BCS delegates and convinced the honorable President to declare his all possible support for ICT sector.
2002 Played vital role to convince The Prime Minister to rename the ICT Ministry as Ministry of Science and ICT. Consequence of this, later on the Prime Minister announced the name of the new ICT ministry in the inauguration ceremony of BCS Fair'2002 on 24th March 2002.
2002 Presided BCS Computer Fair 2002 and BCS Computer Fair 2003 as BCS President where Hon'ble Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia and Hon'ble President Professor Iajuddin were Chief Guests.
2002 When Government imposed 7.5% TAX/VAT on IT Industry, as a President of BCS played a key role to convince The Prime Minister, The Finance Minister and most of the Parliament Members to withdraw TAX on IT Industry.
2002 Played key role as a private sector representative in Sub Marine Cable project in BTTB for SEA-ME-WEA4 agreement.
2002 Met with The Indonesian President Maghabati Shukarnaputri at her Government Resident in 27th June 2002 and convinced her to invest in the IT sector.
2001 Lead Bangladesh team in the Asian ICT Minister Seminar, Thailand and met with the Thai Primer His Excellency Thanks in Sinwatra and convinced his Excellency to provide every possible support to our IT industry.
2001 Lead Bangladeshi Team in the Asian – Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) held on 22nd June 2001 in Nepal and played vital role to convince ASOCIO to organize ASOCIO official meeting in Dhaka.
1998 Met twice with the Prime Minister as a BCS delegates and convinced her to withdraw TAX/VAT on ICT products as well as software.
1998 Designer and founder of Daffodil Institute of IT, country first IT based education provider in 1998 to get rid of our IT Education from foreign hired IT Education system.
1996 Designer of country first showroom business concept for IT products.